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Getting Liked On Facebook

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Unless you are a celebrity or purchasing Facebook ads it's not easy always being liked. Now that you have created your Facebook Fan Page for your business or blog how do you get more likes?
Getting Liked On Facebook
Here are 4 ways you can get more Likes on your page:
1. Like other pages as your fan page name - not your personal self and make comments
2. Ask your friends and relatives to like your page in the beginning 3. Use your twitter Direct Message tool and message those in your niche to like your page and like them as well 4. Display your like button on your blog or website - Click here to get your button!
Now I must go and work on these myself. If you have other suggestions or would like to submit your fan page so we can all check it out and like it - please do so in the comments.

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