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Getting Called Nazi is Worth 200k

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Itamar Ben Gvir went into a gas station in Tel Aviv and filled his car up with gas and went in to the shop to buy a can of coke. Ben Gvir was met with an employee of the station who recognized him and called him a Nazi and seemingly refused to sell him the drink.
Ben Gvir decided to sue. He sued the chain, the station manager and the employee. The case was just decided, at least partially. In the meantime, the courts found against the employee who now has to pay Ben Gvir 200,000nis plus  court costs. The case against the gas station chain and station manager continue.
200,000nis for calling someone a Nazi. That is amazing. Another few decisions like this and maybe this will put a damper on people here calling anyone they don't like or approve of a Nazi. Turning Nazi into a basic insult is demeaning to the magnitude of the Holocaust and to the victims.
I would next like to see the police, who are commonly called "Nazi" by protesters, video such insults and take the aggressors to court and make them pay out of pocket, as another method of fighting the violent protests and protesters.
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