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Get the Look: Taylor Swift for Glamour

By Fashionnerd @fashion_nerd13
get the look: taylor swift for glamour

glamour magazine's november 2012 cover, featuring taylor swift (image via her: sequined tank :: burberry london | skirt, belt :: dior | diamond bracelet :: tiffany & co.

My obsession with this look on Taylor Swift for the cover of Glamour's November issue has been steadily growing since the magazine arrived in my mailbox earlier this month, and it may have finally reached its tipping point via this post and this Pinterest board.
I'm not usually a sequin kind of gal, but something about the sparkle in this particular ensemble really caught my imagination - probably self-evident based on the three different looks below. I managed to dream up my perfect New Year's Eve/holiday party outfit, a sparkly but totally weekend appropriate laid back uniform and even something moderately office appropriate. What do you think?
Taylor Swift/Glamour (Nov 12) New Year's Eve Look
1. for new year's eve...
It might be a bit early to be planning my New Year's Eve party outfit, but this glitzy glam look is just a little too perfect to not be worn for the not-really-so-far-off holiday parties. Wear the blouse untucked and belted at the waist over a red skirt with a flippy hem (like a mid-length tulle piece), and keep jewelry simple. I'm not sure this look would work quite so well without red lips and nails, but I'd suggest keeping them on-hue or slightly darker than the skirt (not lighter). The bold lips and nails mean your eyes and cheeks should be toned down - a pretty taupe shadow blended across your lid and crease and a universally flattering blush like Nars Orgasm should do the trick. You are, however, hereby authorized to go a tad crazy on your top lashes - make them fan out like a butterfly.
An important part of this look is the flirtiness of the flouncy silhouette, which is what makes a tulle skirt so perfect - it has just the right amount of volume without being overwhelming. They can be a bit difficult to find in the right length, but fortunately for us, they're pretty easy to DIY. Stay tuned for a tutorial sometime in the next couple of weeks.
Taylor Swift/Glamour cover (Nov 12) - Weekend Wear
2. on the weekend
While I'm kind of dying to wear the first look to some swanky party, this second, more weekend appropriate version might just be my favorite. The slightly rustier red of the pleated maxi skirt paired with neutral brown accessories and even a denim shirt make this outfit chic, trendy and relaxed. I'd wear the sequin tank and denim shirt tucked in with the skirt belted for day, with easygoing, natural jewelry (like feather earrings and a leather wrist wrap) and a carry-all rustic satchel. Litas seem to be an object of great contention within the fashion blogosphere, but any dark brown boots will do - extra points for laces. The red lipstick in the first look is still very appropriate, though I might skip the red polish for now (or vice versa).
This look would even be relatively easy to transition to something similar to the first one for an evening-appropriate ensemble. Swap the denim shirt for a moto jacket, untuck the tank, change the brown belt for a red one, apply black sandals and a matching clutch and switch your jewelry to something a little more statement-worthy and you're going-out glam in less than five minutes.
Taylor Swift/Glamour cover (Nov 12) - Office Appropriate
3. at the office
A tailored red dress (sheath, skater, whatever, as long as it fits well and has a decent length) and a sequined cardigan are the perfect mediums for taking this look to work. Some sheer but patterned black tights make the outfit weather-friendly, while the lace up oxford heels, sleek black messenger bag and men's watch add some professional polish. Opt for a shiny red belt (patent leather or faux skin in a glossy finish with do) to cinch your waist over the cardigan. A just-above-the-belt length pendant necklace keeps things sophisticated, whether you choose a cross or something less religious - just keep it on the delicate side and out of statement territory. The rosebud stud earrings add just the right amount of playfulness to let your personality shine through without clashing with the shiny cardigan, though I'd opt for red nails instead of lips to avoid an overload of the color around your face.
Because of the glitzyness of the gold sequined cardigan, this is another look that can easily go from 9-5 to post-5pm - lose the tights, trade the oxfords for a strappy black heel (like the ones in the first look), swap your pendant for a statement collar and grab a black clutch. Keep the men's watch on - it amps up the mystery just a tiny bit.
One thing I learned while putting these outfits together is that with a look this bold, make up is key. Overdoing it on any aspect of your beauty routine can throw the whole thing from chic to eek, so when in doubt - go subtle. This many statements mean that everything else has to be super simple in order to maintain the balance between classic and fashion victim.
What do you think? Which look is your favorite? Will you be sporting it anytime soon, or are you saving it up for your first holiday party?
Be sure to check out the matching Pinterest board for tons more ideas on how to channel this look into your wardrobe.
Read Taylor's interview here, plus more photos from her cover shoot here and more on getting this look here.
get the look: taylor swift for glamour
get the look: taylor swift for glamour

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