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Get Spring Ready!

By Shanlakes
gigi hadid{pic c/o here}
1. Exfoliate: For the next few weeks exfoliate your skin twice a week. All winter long we've accumulated dry skin, and dead skin cells that are just lying in your pores. Exfoliating will keep fresh and glowing. It is a fresh start for spring. Also, do a make-up cleanse and wear as minimal face make up as possible starting NOW! Foundation and bronzer should be stored away till at least October.
2. Work out: Time to shed the winter 10. 
3. Eat healthy: This goes along with #2 but cleanse your body of all the toxins from the winter. The first few days of eating VERY healthy, I normally feel sick and have a horrible headache, however, I've learned that it's a good thing because it means all the toxins are coming out of your body.
4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
5. Get a spring color on your nails & toes. I'm loving Essie's new summer collection {here}. 
6. Wax those eyebrows. Make them slightly thinner than they were this winter, while keeping the same shape.
7. Lighten your hair. Dark hair can be depressing and harsh. Put in a few subtle highlights just to soften your look. Also- grow it out or cut it, but don't stay at that awkward in-between length.
8. Change up your routine: start to walk to work, wake up early to fit in a morning work-out, take less time to get ready by cutting out make-up and not blow-drying your hair, spring-clean your apt or house, take fun road trips, etc.
9. Change up your scent to something light and fresh.
10. Leave your phone at home for hours at a time to allow you to actually enjoy the present moment. It's amazing how liberating it can actually be! 
11. Use a Clarisonic. I use this one {here} and it is life changing. I started using it a couple of weeks ago, and my skin has never been so soft or smooth. It will literally feel like baby skin after use it. You will be able to go sans make up just in time for the hot weather! 
get spring ready!

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