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Get out of My Brain You Invasive W***ers

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Get out of my brain you invasive w***ers Information overload. I'm naturally quite an introverted person, so I get this quite frequently. There is only so much outside stimuli I can cope with before I need to take myself off for some quiet alone time to recharge my batteries. There's enough going on in my own head without not only social outside interaction becoming too much but the constant bambardment of media, such as the internet, advertising and general everyday life. I did touch on this the other week with the illuminations theme, I find the constant bombardment of advertising irritating. Wading into my head uninvited. It's difficult enough to cope with the world sometimes without advertisers trying to ram information down my throat every few minutes. I walk down the street and there are posters on bus stops inviting me to try things I'm not interested in, large signs in windows screaming 'sale' and trying to persuade me that they are doing me some sort of favour by flogging me their tat. The internet isn't much better, it tracks what I've looked at previously and has banners shouting at me while I'm trying to read. I find it all a little much at times. I shut down, try to block it all out, look down at my feet. All the while bottling up this rage that these people are invading my head, trying to pull my eyes over to them, trying to co-erce me into doing something I am not wanting to do. It's only a bargain if you need it. Shove your tat where the sun don't shine and get out of my brain you pushy cretins. It's bordering on harrassment, I didn't ask for this nonsense, It's flashy and crass and makes me want to pull out my eyeballs and throw them at them. I'm off to a desert island, with my loved ones and they can all go hang themselves, I'm not buying your corporate crap.
The government aren't much better, meddling in my life and lying to me. The smug faced politicians insisting they are doing the right thing by my family and me and I know they are shafting me. Get out of my head, you make my teeth itch and I couldn't give a flying f*** at a rolling doughnut what you say, I know you're wrecking society.
But I'll carry on as normal, hide away when I need to and try to restrain myself from screaming out loud at the unknown entities who try to control every aspect of my life. It's hard though. Twitch.

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