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Get Comfortable with Comforters

By Zenbedrooms @zen_bedrooms

Comforters – it’s right there in the name – comfort. Imagine, for a moment, curling up in bed on a chilly night. Grabbing a thick, soft comforter to pull over the top of your soft warm sheets seems like a dream come true, right? It certainly can be, but those luxury comforters aren't the best choice for year-round usage. After all, when the warmer months of June roll around, the last thing you may want is to pull a heavy comforter over you as the light breeze blows across your bed. Wondering what to do? Go with a summer comforter.
The Benefits of Summer ComfortersGet Comfortable with ComfortersAs warm and wonderful as a winter comforter is, a summer choice can be thinner, cooler, and just as beautiful. It ensures that you’re not overheated during those warm summer evenings. You’ll want to go with something between a one and three tog rating to ensure you don’t get too warm. Make certain you find a choice that matches your décor and offers a solid level of comfort at the same time. You may even want to go with an entirely different pattern for summer – something that reflects the refreshing weather change yet still matches your room perfectly.
As you shop, don’t forget to think carefully about your bedroom conditions in the summer. If, for example, you have a fan constantly running, you may be a bit cooler than others, so you’ll want one with a slightly higher tog rating. If you’re a hot sleeper anyway, go with something much lower to ensure ideal sleeping conditions.
Summer comforters aren’t always something people consider these days, but they’re the perfect way to make sure you get a great night of sleep, even when it’s warm outside.

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