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German Heavy Rockers PLAINRIDE Drop Groovy New Single "Hello, Operator"!

Posted on the 04 December 2022 by Ripplemusic
German heavy rockers PLAINRIDE drop groovy new single

Cologne and Berlin-based heavy blues rockers PLAINRIDE release their brand new video for "Hello, Operator" today. This is the third single off the band's upcoming third LP to be released in 2023 on Ripple Music.

The song's sound and lyrics - once more - are strongly reminiscent of Maryland scene heavyweights Clutch, and, in fashion, offer fierce yet tongue-in-cheek social criticism, alluding to inflation, civil unrest (more specifically the Chicago riots in the wake of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968), and the pressing need for a sense of hope and direction felt by many inhabitants of a planet in perpetual crisis.

Watch Plainride's happy and groovy new video "Hello, Operator"

"Can you put me in touch with the good life?" reads the question singer Max Rebel directs at the titular operator; and while a clear answer is never given, PLAINRIDE can most definitely put the listener in touch with a groovin' good time. Busting out the "3 Cs" (cowbell, claps, and crowd vocals) as well as a cheeky wah and drum interlude, the trio offers a funky fresh tune made to boogie away the doomsday blues.

The respective performance video shot at Lipaka studio (where the band recorded their new album earlier this year) has the band bopping along to the music, big grins on their faces - a common sight as anyone who has seen PLAINRIDE perform live can confirm - and sporting their new amps and guitar cabs, courtesy by recently tuned-on Plainride endorser Orange Amps.

"Hello, Operator" proves - once more - that PLAINRIDE aren't cool by any standards. In everything they do, these German rockers emanate joy and warmth, rallying around them an ever-growing circle of rag-tag fans from all over the globe - mayhaps much like journalist-turned-counterculture-icon Hunter S. Thompson's "freak power" movement, whose "mojo wire" (a xerox telecopier) graces the cover art of their new single. Coincidence? Probably not.

New single "Hello, Operator"

German heavy rockers PLAINRIDE drop groovy new single

Uncounted shirts have fled their owners at the sound of Cologne's prime purveyors of heavy rock PLAINRIDE, who long ago freed themselves from the scourge of upper body raiments, are on a vendetta against dry sweat glands and the conformist regime set on keeping them that way. Their mission: liberation by the electric guitar. Having planted the seed of rebellion in the hearts and minds of audiences at Wacken Open Air 2018 and a Fu Manchu show that one time, they have now gathered such dangerous momentum, they've become an outright threat to public safety. Lock your bathroom windows because these four heathens will stop at nothing to expose themselves to you.

PLAINRIDE released their sophomore album 'Life On Ares' in the fall of 2018, an endeavor fueled by the ongoing and fruitful collaboration with Californian record label Ripple Music. With three new singles and videos up their sleeve ("Shepherd", "Hour of the Mûmakil" and "Hello, Operator") and acclaimed appearances at Desertfest Belgium and Ripplefest as a warm-up, they are now gearing up for the release of their third full-length in 2023 on Ripple Music.


Max Rebel - Vocals & Guitar

Florian Schlenker - Drums, Percussion

Bob Vogston - Guitar



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