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Geo Puzzles ..tutorial

By Kinderpendent
geo puzzles ..tutorial
This activity is really great for getting the gears in your kiddo's noggin moving. Though it's best for kids around age 4, we designed some easy 4 piece ones for our 2 year old, too.

Here's how to make your own:
geo puzzles ..tutorial
1. You'll need a piece of construction paper. Cut it into a square. Then cut it into as many pieces as you would like to. Like I mentioned above, we did one that was simply cut into four smaller squares for our younger child. For our 4 year old, we cut 8 triangles. Our 6 year old could probably tackle an even more intricate puzzle.

2. On a blank sheet of paper, trace an outline of the square. Then challenge your kids to try to fit the cut pieces into the square shape. You can either let them glue the pieces down as a piece of artwork, or put the pieces into a baggy to play with again later.
geo puzzles ..tutorial

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