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Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution

Posted on the 31 January 2018 by Humayoun Kabir

Complete Genius Pipe review looking at features, advantages, disadvantages, how the Genius Pipe works, its accessories and FAQs. Also reveals a special 10% off code – Read on to see what the hype is all about!

A recent and revolutionary way to smoke has hit the market. Cutting out old materials like bongs and papers with its cutting-edge advanced features, is the Genius Pipe. Many people around the world are discovering, using and spreading the gospel about this amazing new pipe. Read on in this complete Genius Pipe review to find out all you need to know about the Genius Pipe, which mg claimed could be the future of smoking.

Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking RevolutionGenius Pipe Review Smoking Revolution

Find out about all the reviews, what people love about it and what people do not love so much, how it works, all the accessories this new gadget can come with and all the frequently asked questions. There’s no need to look any further.

Genius Pipe – “One of the best ways to make an adult-acceptable pipe” (GQ). And today, you can even Save 10% on your order at with code GENIUS10!

Ingenious and advanced features of The Genius Pipe.

These include the likes of:

  • A sleek, all-aluminum finish, together with countless dimples on the interior that work to cool and filter smoke.

Aluminium is used because it is not only one of the safest materials in the world, it is also very abundant. The Center of Disease and Control (CDC) state that aluminum is safe for use, making it a perfect material for a metal bowl

  • Unlike bongs, which are loved by smokers around the world, Genius Pipe has a water-less filtration system that does not dilute the taste of your hits.
  • A sliding spill and smell proof cover covers your smoking material.

Countless people have already tried the Genius Pipe, and it has consequently received countless reviews. The astonishing fact of the matter lies with all these reviews either being four or five stars! Everyone who tries the Genius Pipe falls in love. If you want to Try it today and see why – then remember to Use the Code GENIUS10 to Save 10% On Your Order!

Let’s look what exactly Genius pipe user community love about the development:

  • The Genius Pipe was received and works exactly as it is advertised, so rest assured you can trust the advertising here
  • Users felt they had smoother, mellower draws, of which less were needed to feel the same full effect
  • The Genius Pipe has been recommended for anyone who gets burning during smoking – the Genius Pipe’s flawless and innovative design stops smokers coughing and choking on smoke, allowing a much more enjoyable experience
  • Customers were very impressed with the fast delivery service, which is worldwide. The company went to lengths for customers such as replacing lost orders, which is not a surprise since fantastic customer service is a big theme is customer reviews
  • The Genius Pipe is easy to use as it is self-explanatory
  • Very high durability
  • Great for oils using the Genius Stone (accessory) on the Genius Pipe
  • Reviews mention that the screens are amazing, and the artwork on them is simply a bonus to the amazing design

One review claimed:

“Hands down the best pipe I’ve ever owned. It’s replaced my bong as my go-to.”

Some reviews, however, mentioned things they would like to see as improvements in the Genius Pipe. One thing that this company is remarkable for however, is responding to requests – if you ever have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact the dedicated customer service team. They will sort all your Genius Pipe needs.

These reviews mentioned:

  • Wanting a deeper bowl
  • Having to clean the Genius Pipe regularly for effective use
  • If the bowl is slightly overfull, you make see that the slide cover drags some of the product out on top of the slide or beneath it
  • The screen can clog apparently rapidly after multiple uses

Friends have been working hard at recommending their friends the Genius Pipe for its countless benefits, whether you are new to smoking or you are a long-time user capable of weighing it up to its old cousins like bongs and bowls and papers. Try today and you’ll see that the Genius Pipe is the young successful maverick of the family of all smoking apparatus, and of course remember your code to get 10% off: GENIUS10!

Also Available on Amazon

Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking RevolutionThis Code (GENIUS10) is not valid for Amazon. you can only use this code on Check price on Amazon

Having gone over the benefits and reviews, we think you just might be pretty excited about checking out this latest addition to the smoking scene. Well, now you can have a look at all the advantages encouraging you to do just that:

  • A sleek, stylish and sexy build that comes with many creative designs and various colors on the cover artwork
  • Perfect for travel, fits into your pocket, purse or bag just as a phone would. To anyone who is constantly on to go – this is the product for you
  • Discreet packaging means nobody has to ever know what you are buying (it’s their loss anyways). On top of this, because of the way the Genius Pipe is built, there is a rather high chance nobody would know what it is even if you had it out in public view
  • The Genius Pipe is a much healthier alternative to traditional methods of smoking such as bowls and papers, as the design ensures smoke is cooled and filtered evenly and to perfection, protecting your lungs with every breath
  • Because the Genius Pipe does not use water to cool smoke, all the unfiltered taste of your smoking material is preserved as you burn your buds. This is unlike bongs for example and is unique to the Genius Pipe in that it keeps taste and cools and filters your smoke… genius!
  • The sliding cover ensures your stash is kept sealed, so you never have to worry about losing crumbs and buds every again, giving you more peace of mind when all you are trying to get some peace of mind
  • Yet another benefit of the one of a kind filtering system is that it allows a smooth smoke – no more coughing and choking, so you can relax and simply enjoy yourself
  • Genius Pipe has a guaranteed high durability – it can last and last and last with very low maintenance
  • It makes the perfect gift for all loved ones!

Some Limited edition Genius pipes

  • Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution
  • Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution
  • Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution
  • Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution
  • Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution
  • Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution
  • Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution
  • Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking Revolution

Check if Available and Use Code GENIUS10 to Save 10% On Your Order!

However, all mavericks, be they fantastic or not, have their drawbacks. If you are looking for the catch to all this praise of the Genius Pipe, you must now be warned that you may be a little disappointed… Here are the disadvantages to know about:

  • From the outlook, the Genius Pipe can look expensive, with prices ranging from $59.95 (sale item) to $159.95 (a limited collection item). To make sure that all interested customers manage to get their hands on one of these brilliant modern pipes however, Genius Pipe released the Genius Light collection to their product inventory. This is a budget line that keeps the same principles of the original Genius Pipe, with a growing range of fantastic designs
  • You will probably experience the downside of jealous friends…

So, How does this Genius Pipe work?

The anodized aluminum build is complete with 2000 tiny dimples on its interior that all work to create millions of vortices with each and every breath. This works to cool and filter the smoke. Zen design is the inspiration behind the idea, which is created to allow you to have peace of mind: a genius design for the genius in you. To put your product in, you simply slide the screen down and place it inside. Then to smoke, just slide the screen up and draw the logo on your Genius Pipe – smoking has never before been so easy.

You can change the screens whenever you want, as the two-tiered bowl can hold any 0.7” screen – never feel restricted to a single design. This screen installation is very simple and straightforward.

To clean the Genius Pipe:

  1. First separate the top and bottom
  2. Wipe the whole pipe down with 70% alcohol – it is best not to use any professional pipe cleaning material to do the job, as these can damage the artwork of your Genius Pipe
  3. Wipe the whole pipe down with a dry cloth
  4. Re-attach the top and the bottom
  5. Done! Simple!
Genius Pipe Review – The Smoking RevolutionGenius Pipe Review Smoking Revolution

Genius Pipe Accessories:

There is a large list of accessories to complete all of your smoking needs alongside the Genius Pipe:

  • The Carrying Case – available in various colors, provides protection for your Genius Pipe. It is unbelievably lightweight and is complete with cool features such as a carabiner clip for easy attachment
  • The EVOLUTION Slider Black – everyone knows a simple black design is gorgeous. Based on customer requests and the fourth rule of zen design, which is to simplify, this is a must-have accessory

The EVOLUTION Slider is also available as EVOLUTION Slider Gold and EVOLUTION Slider Silver

  • The Genius Stone – an inert addition to your Genius Pipe that will not produce any smoke or vapour itself, but will allow materials such as oils to vapourize inside of it to allow a pure, undiluted taste

The Genius Stone is available to buy singularly or in packs of three

  • The Genius Taster – for concentrates, made of superior titanium II material and cleaned with medical grade ultrasound equipment
  • The Genius TruTaste Screen – resistant to high temperatures, this is a self-repairing pipe screen that eliminates the drawbacks that can arise from using a pipe screen, such as a metallic taste and loose wires

The Genius TruTaste Screen is available to buy in sets of three or ten

  • A Gift Card – the perfect gift for a special one, available to purchase with credit of $10, $25, $50 or $100
  • The Grinder Slider Back – a beautiful limited product that was released based on requests with Chong’s Choice collection
  • The Original Genius Pouch – a simple necessity: a velvet smell proof sleeve with gold lettering

To read more, detailed answers to an in-depth range of FAQs, visit the Genius Pipe FAQ page at

Final verdict

with a 30 day 100% money guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from trying out the Genius Pipe for yourself. Become one of the Genius community and become a contributor to the future development to the future of smoking – a sleek, smooth and sophisticated future (not to mention the included health benefits). Put the Genius Pipe Review to the test today, and get your hands on a Genius Pipe. And another friendly reminder – don’t forget to Save 10% On Your Order At Geniuspipe.Com With Code GENIUS10!Genius Pipe Review Smoking Revolution

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