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Geezer - Cage

Posted on the 27 August 2013 by Ripplemusic

Geezer - Cage
Have y’all heard of Geezer?  By now, you should if you follow the online stoner/doom blog scene.  I noticed Geezer making the rounds with their Gage EP and the remarks on it are typically complimentary.  It’s easy to see why.
Pat Harrington has a cool voice.  It’s gruff...but smooth.  It’s pretty soulful really.  You feel what he is saying.  That’s a good start.  The swampy, slide riffs are a real treat too, especially in the raga-esque studio jam “Dude, It’s Molecular”.  There aren’t enough stoner/doom dudes taking up the bottleneck.  It’s hard as fuck to play, so that makes sense.  With that being said, obviously, the Geezer guys give a fuck about what they are making and don’t give any if it’s considered cool.  It shows up in their heavy but laid back groove that is the backbone of Geezers particular brand of heavy blues.  I hate saying this, because it usually comes off as a backhanded compliment, but the truth is that I think Geezer is on to something.  Maybe not new (Left Lane Cruiser comes to mind), but I’d love to hear where the sound this band makes after some more rounds of gigs and writing.  The subtle psychedelic texture and delta influence grooves that Geezer are experimenting with really set their sound apart.
Gage is set to be released on vinyl through STB Records and you can download their EP and first full length on their Bandcamp.
Here's the official word on the STB release.
Geezer and STB Records are proud to announce that we have joined forces to release Gage (EP) as a special Limited Edition Vinyl Release.
Pat says of STB, “Up until now, Gage has only been available as a digital download. Our main goal has always been to press it up on vinyl. Ever since I saw their first release, the Die Hard Edition of Dopethrone’s Demonsmoke, I knew STB was the label I wanted to work with. STB Records is reinventing how vinyl is packaged, marketed & sold.”
Steve from STB Records says, “I have been a fan of the Electric Beard Of Doom podcast for a while now.. Once I met Pat and started talking to him it was only a matter of time that we started to collaborate on ideas. One night he let me hear the new Geezer EP and I was sold.. The rest is history.. STB is truly honored to be a part of the US Doom revival along side Geezer and The BEARD!!
Geezer: Gage (EP)
Limited Edition of 100 (color vinyl)
Hand numbered, hand screened cover in a hand sewn burlap outer jacket which will then be hand screened.
Artwork, colors, and other details are still being developed
*The EP will include 2 previously unreleased tracks that are being specifically recorded for this Ltd. Edition release

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