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Geeky English Major Stuff Added

By Generatorland @generatorland

Long WordPart of the reason I love Generator Land is because I love language. Trying to figure out how to randomly throw together words and phrases and have them come out sounding like something fairly understandable isn’t easy but it’s a lot of fun.

Today we added something geeky to our word lists—suffixes, prefixes and roots. If you don’t remember high school English, here’s a quick primer.

Prefix: A prefix is placed before the root of a word, altering the meaning of the root word. For instance, “happy” could become “unhappy” or “symmetrical” could become “asymmetrical.”

Suffix: Similarly, a suffix is placed at the end of a root of a word and can alter its meaning. For instance “dunk” could become “dunking,” “dunked,” “dunks,” etc.

Root: Also known as a “morpheme,” this is the part of a word that carries the primary meaning. For instance, the root of “running” is “run.”  The root of “unlucky” is “luck.”

SO if you’re still awake, next time you build a generator, see if you have a use for suffixes, prefixes and root words. They’re available from the Create a Generator dropdown word lists. One note, you’ll likely need to use the “No Space After Word” checkbox when using them to keep them butt-up against the next or previous word

Naturally, the first thing I built with them was a “Really Long Word Generator.”

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