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Gaza Produce Allowed for Export

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to JDN, a couple days ago Israel allowed the export of produce, for the first time since Hamas took over control of Gaza (2007), from gaza to Judea and Samaria. This is a humanitarian gesture made to help improve the economic situation in Gaza.
1. I wonder how quickly this Gaza produce will end up in the Israeli markets, via Judea and Samaria. Buying yevul nochri, non-Jewish produce, for shmitta will no longer be just produce from Israeli Arabs and West Bank Palestinians, but will also now be Gaza and Hamas produce.
2. Interesting that the last time we had Gazan produce was 2007, which was also a shmitta year, and now 2014, which is a shmitta year. We talk about, in regards to shmitta, how people ignore the fact that the other 6 years we eat non-Jewish (a.k.a. Arab) produce and only oppose it during the shmitta year. There might be a very good reason. During the shmitta years it seems we get Gazan produce, and not just the regular non-Jewish produce of the other 6 years.
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