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Gay Teen Denied Boy Scouts' Highest Honor

Posted on the 08 October 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

Gay Teen is Denied Scout’s Highest Honor

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After 12 years of hard work and dedication, Boy Scout Ryan Andersen may not be awarded Scouting’s highest honor, Eagle Scout, solely because he is gay. Boy Scouts of America has an anti-gay policy, which was made public in 1992. According to Yahoo News, Ryan’s Scoutmaster has refused to approve his Eagle Scout Project.

When word of this craziness broke out, Ryan and his family were overwhelmed by the support of fellow Scout members, Eagle Scout Alum, and other family and friends. An online petition has been started, through which over 350,000 people have signed their support, and urged troop leaders to grant Ryan the award he has so rightfully earned., the site where Ryan’s petition was set up, reported that the “rapid response” seen for this petition has been one of the biggest the site has seen in almost 4 years. Along with the online petition, Ryan’s father Eric has set up a post office box to hold all the support mail Ryan is receiving.

Gay Teen is Denied Scout’s Highest Honor

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Hundreds of Eagle Scouts around the nation are stepping up and either turning in their medals to the BSA or giving them to Ryan to show their support. Other members of Ryan’s troop, Troop 212, set up a Facebook page to pledge their support to Ryan.

Individuals are rising up all around the nation in support of Ryan. It is crazy to think that in today’s society someone can be so heavily punished for practicing his or her right to live a free life. The anti-gay policy of the BSA is totally uncalled for and should be completely removed from the BSA rules and guidelines.

The fact that Ryan has remained dedicated to this organization since he was 6 years old, and completed all the steps towards becoming an Eagle Scout, is remarkable. Even more remarkable is the fact that Ryan will not let anyone or anything stop him from being who he is. Knowing the Boy Scouts of America did not approve of gays, Ryan could have very easily hidden this aspect of his identity. Instead, he completed the tasks he was required to complete in order to achieve Eagle Scout, while still being himself. Hopefully the BSA will rethink their anti-gay policy and award Ryan with the award he has earned. Either way, Ryan can take pride in staying true to himself.

Sign the petition here.

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By Hoot Hootie
posted on 08 April at 01:42

Gay teens should be allowed into the boy scouts, however, gay scout leaders should not be. What if a gay scout leader was hired and he turned out to be a pedophile preying on young boys and sleeping with them in a tent on a camping trip? Who would be responsible if he molested a ten year old boy on an outing, and the ten year old never recovered? I doubt that boy scouts, whether they are gay or straight would be okay with this. It is common knowledge in the gay community that most gay men prefer much younger partners. Why take the chance of ruining a child's life?