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Gas and Dash

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06
This week, as I mentioned in this post, has been a good one! Although the weather report the entire week was for rain, we had surprisingly nice days, with 50 degree temps and sometimes even clear skies! This is why I love living in the Bay Area, where it is always spring!
I went for an awesome run in the hills.  The sky cleared up midway through and I had a great view of San Francisco.  I love it when that happens.    Gas and Dash
I went to a sale, but I didn't find any good deals!  Yes, that says $4.29, and actually this photo was taken on Monday.  On Thursday, the same gas was $4.49. Sheesh.    Gas and Dash
The Broski and I went to see the Kaiser Chiefs at the Fillmore.  We can't go to the City without partaking in some excellent food.  Today's choice: Pho and Vietnamese Coffee at Pho 2000!   Gas and Dash
I bought new running shoes.  New meets old.  According to Running Ahead the old ones had 719 miles on them.  Oops. 
Gas and Dash
One of my biggest pet peeves?  Unleashed dogs.  People that don't follow rules.  Or know how to read signs.  (That says "ON". Excuse the paper in the way)   Gas and Dash
I took a plane ride. Wheeeee.  I got to see Colorado and Utah.  Beautiful!    Gas and Dash
My friend and I wandered around town exploring. 
Restaurant or strip club?  You choose. 
Gas and Dash
Doesn't everyone need one of these?  (in case you can't see, it's a singing toothbrush)
Gas and Dash
I discovered the joy of....wait for it.... Serve Yourself frozen yogurt!  Where have you been all my life!? 
Gas and Dash
To work off said yogurt, my friend and I ran the Diva Dash 5k.  It was great!  More on that later. 
Gas and Dash
How was your week? Have you ever tried Vietnamese coffee? Have you ever had self serve frozen yogurt (if so, what is your favorite combination)?

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