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Garlic Zoom XL: Not For Me but Great for You

By Nogarlicnoonions @nogarlicnoonion

Although garlic has the same effect to me as it does to Vampires, this product is quite interesting to those who cook a lot using garlic. It would not be right of me not to put the spotlight on it…

garlic zoom xl

Mincing them has become easy. The Garlic Zoom makes us happy inside. Just insert one or two peeled cloves in the trapdoor on top, close it up, and then drive your Zoom around the countertop.

garlic zoom xl

The stainless steel blades whizz around inside, slice and dicing the garlic. When the pieces appear to be the right size, just open Zoom back up, carefully remove the blade, and dump your minced garlic into your recipe.

garlic zoom xl


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