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Garden Safety This Bank Holiday Weekend

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax
Now we have a garden for Maxwell, I have turned my thoughts in to garden safety. Gardens are areas for adventure and exploration; they fascinate toddlers however sometimes accidents can happen and I have to say they are the main worry for me as a parent. Here are a few of my top tips to keep your little one safe this bank holiday weekend.
Remember children are naturally inquisitive so never leave your toddler unattended in the garden.
Ensure all fencing is secure, any gates are locked and your toddler cannot reach the lock or open it. Our fencing and gate is 6 feet high so Maxwell is not able to climb over it. Toddlers do like to climb so ensure any objects which they could climb on are away from a low fence or gate.
Toddlers love water and sadly every year you read that a toddler has drowned in ponds. Always ensure ponds and any water feature is fenced off or covered. Do not leave your toddler unattended with a bucket of water as this is also very hazardous.
Toddlers love playing with sand. Always ensure your garden sand pit is covered as dogs and cats love using them as a toilet.
Some plants are poisonous so if you are uncertain teach your child not to pick flowers or plant parts. Plants with thorns are spikes can cause pain and injury.
Ensure all dangerous garden chemicals, tools and equipment are locked away. Also keep toddlers away from washing lines as they have the potential of strangulation.
Never leave your hot barbecue unattended as children are fascinated with them. Remember coals can stay hot for several hours.
All garden play equipment should conform to safety standards. Check all play equipment is secure and there are no loose screws etc.
The sun can harm your toddler's skin so always protect it with adequate clothing, a hat and sun cream. Remember when it is slightly cloudy long periods can also be harmful.
Be sure to wash your toddler's hands after playing in the garden or before they eat or drink.
Garden Safety This Bank Holiday Weekend

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