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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – September 2015

By Patientgardener @patientgardener
Salvia 'Phyllis Fancy'

Salvia ‘Phyllis Fancy’

I nearly forgot all about Garden Bloggers Bloom Day but here I am a day late.  My first offering is the elegant Salvia ‘Phyllis Fancy’.  I acquired this a year ago from a local plant sale and it seems to be one of those plants that has been doing the rounds in our local HPS group.  I love the two-tone flowers along with the gray toned leaves.  It’s also easy from cuttings.

IMG_2810 2

The Asters have started to flower.  Most of my asters have smallish flower except for the one above which is one of the larger flowered varieties, but I have no idea which as the label is long-lost, although I know it’s not Monch as I have never bought that one.

Dollingeria umbellata

Dollingeria umbellata

As you may know Asters have been through a serious review of their names over recent years, with the changes being adopted a few years back in the US and coming into force in the UK this year.  Above is what I purchased as Aster umbellata but is not Dollingeria umbellata – that will take some time to remember.

IMG_2814 2

I’m not sure of the name of this one either so I will have to ask Helen Picton at Old Court Nursery.

IMG_2831 (2)

The Japanese Anemones have started to flower which is good news.  I have had the one above for years and it has been divided, moved, composted over and over again.  The plant above is in the front garden and has taken a few years to start flowering but now it is it is adding some brightness to a shady corner.

Japanese Anemone 'Prinz Heinrich'

Japanese Anemone ‘Prinz Heinrich’

I am pleased to see Prinz Heinrich flowering; it along with two other pink varieties were added to the Cottage/Rose Border last year.  Lady Emily is in bud but Queen Charlotte is looking a little weedy.  Hopefully next year they will be better established and flower strongly.

IMG_2821 2

Flowering delights in the pots include this yellow auricula.  Grown from seed probably 3 years ago its flower surprised me when I was tidying up at the weekend.

IMG_2806 2

And I must share my Kangaroo Paw with you as I am very proud of it having grown the plant from seed probably 4 years ago.  It will have to go back under cover soon to protect it for the winter.

IMG_2795 2

Another home grown plant – this time a hardy fuschia grown from a cutting last year acquired from a HPS friend.  I do know the variety but it has got too dark for me to go and peer at the label so I will leave you wondering.

Kirengshoma palmata

Kirengshoma palmata

Finally my beloved Kirengshoma palmata which I included in my Vase on Monday post – I can report they don’t in my limited experience do very well as a cut flower.

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