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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ August, 2012

By Kate_miller
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ August, 2012Mexican Sunflowers are this year's favorite new addition. An outrageously orange annual, planted by seed, in an old whiskey barrel on the deck.
They say it's going to rain. But, it never does. And, the stark contrast between the two halves of my property is very sad, indeed.
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ August, 2012Phlox pretties up a sad sack pack of tired blue Delphiniums.
Haven't the heart to show pictures of the back half of the yard. The dry brown area that relies on rainfall which never comes.
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ August, 2012Heavenly Blues
I automated everything this summer. An in ground sprinkler system plus timers on the deck, and timers in the veggie garden, too.
My previously 'Always Thirsty' flower patch is quite delighted to no longer have to rely on the slacker gardener [that would be me] turning on the hose.
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ August, 2012This was the year of the climbing vines.
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ August, 2012I'm gaga over the delicate pink color of these dainty Sweet Peas and those Heavenly Blue Morning Glories [above] ~ oh, my! What a stunning sky blue...
I also planted a cold hardy Kiwi Vine (zone 5 ~ do you believe it?? I'm skeptical.) 3 bright trumpet vines, 4 new Clematis climbing vines.

And! One vine to rule them all... 

A Wisteria! She's grown 15 feet in her first summer. Once she reaches the roof, I'll be training her to wrap around the room addition. Truth be told, I've killed more Wisteria than any other gardener on the planet. But, I have high hopes for the Missus. She seems to really like it here.
Pop over and say hi to Carol @ May Dream Gardens, Creator of the Bloom Day Meme.
Here's a whole bunch of bunch bright August bloomers, photographed early this morning while in my jammies. (The new neighbors are never too appreciative of that stuff..)

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