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Gambling-Yes, Bag Fee-No, Lost Child-So?

By Ceemac126 @PGCBlogging

Legislation to bring Gambling progresses, Prince George’s Bag Fee dies in committee, County schools system child pick policy being “evaluated” after they lost one

Gambling-Yes, Bag Fee-No, Lost Child-So?Monday night, State Senators  preliminarily approved legislation that would expand gambling across the state of Maryland and allow a sixth casino site in Prince George’s County and guess where that site will be.  Thanks to County Executive Baker’s commissioned study showing that a riverside casino would generate up to $300 million in state and county taxes, it will probably, most likely be coming to the National Harbor site.

An amendment was attached to the legislation so that the Rosecroft Raceway will be able to compete to be the sixth site but dude, it’s a done deal.  And I don’t like it.

  • Washington Times article HERE
    Gambling-Yes, Bag Fee-No, Lost Child-So?

It’s the one fee that I think SHOULD have passed, but sadly, the bag fee  fell one vote short in the House Environmental Matters Committee, so it won’t become the law of the land.  In the meantime, somewhere between the gas tax and the small business taxes…

There’s nothing about the school system’s policy of only allowing  authorized adults remove children from school.  The staff of Dodge Park Elementary School in Landover violated the policy by releasing the child to his mother, who was not authorized by the custodial parent.  The son was later located safe in Reno, Nevada with his mother but this could have ended badly.

  • Evaluate the employees not the policy.


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