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Galliano Denies and Appologises

By Lauramoodley



(…) I deny completely, says the designer, the accusations made against me and I have fully cooperated with the police investigation. A number of witnesses gave evidence to the police that I was [that night] victim of verbal harassment and had been the victim of unprovoked aggression. A man tried to hit me with a chair, picking on my looks and my clothes. For these reasons I filed a complaint for libel and threats against me. However, John Galliano continues, I fully understand that these accusations against me have shocked and upset many people. (…) I fought all my life against prejudice, intolerance and discrimination . In all my work, my about inspired was to unite all the different races, creeds, religions and sexualities to highlight the ethical and cultural diversity through fashion. This has always lit my path. Racism and anti-Semitism has no place in our society. It is without reservation that I ask forgiveness for the offense has caused my behavior. “

Translated from french to English by Google.

  • I can see that the latest incident may have been blown out of proportion, and in this statement it does sound more like the Galliano I know and loved. But what of the video? which apparently took place last year. I wait without patience for the result of the police investigation; and i will be sure to post any updates, although it seams that no one can get there story straight. Trial By media is absolutely not the way to go here, so I hope that Galliano can prove himself innocent and continue to reign in the fashion world.

xoox LLM

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