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Galaxy Duet Toffee and Popcorn

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Galaxy Duet Toffee and Popcorn
When I first heard about this new Galaxy Duet flavor I was rather excited; I haven't been able to try the other flavours in the Duet range since they contain gluten, but luckily this one doesn't...hurrah! It also sounded a bit unique and different for a chocolate bar: it contains a layer of toffee caramel down one side and a mixture of crunchy toffee and popcorn pieces down the other.
Since this was my first time trying a Duet bar I was surprised by the shape: it's two thin chocolate fingers stuck together, but isn't sectioned into chunks so you can bite into both at the same time (the hand selfie returns...careful you don't faint Snacks Warrior!):
Galaxy Duet Toffee and Popcorn
I took a bite from one end and got a nice mix of both the caramel and popcorn sections. The caramel was lovely and gooey and pretty similar to what you get in a regular Galaxy Caramel. The popcorn was a bit undetectable to be honest; there was a vague sweet and savoury crunch from it but nothing that screamed "popcorn!" to me. It tasted pleasant enough, and made for a nice textural variation next to the caramel, but it felt a bit insubstantial.
Galaxy Duet Toffee and Popcorn
Overall, this isn't a bad chocolate bar from Galaxy, it's a nice idea to give you two textures and flavours together, but the fillings are a bit off. This flavor will no doubt be very popular but it's not something I'd buy again personally. I'd like to see something a bit more daring and imaginative from the Duet range; perhaps something fruity!
7 out of 10. 

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