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Gal Gadot’s Husband Bragged About Her in a Truly Awesome Way

Posted on the 19 June 2017 by Sumithardia

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Gal Gadot is having a peak summer. Her film, Wonder Woman, is breaking records, she’s become a symbol of both inspiration and power to a new generation of children, she has a new three-month-old daughter, Maya, and she gets to be friends with Chris Pine. If that wasn’t enough, her partner of 10 years is broadcasting to the world just how amazing she is. Gal is married to Dutch real estate developer Jaron Versano. They have two daughters, baby Maya and five-year-old Alma. Their social media are filled with evidence of how much fun they have together. On Friday, Jaron posted this to his Instagram:

#mywife #therealwonderwoman ❤️
A post shared by JaronVarsano (@jaronvarsano) on Jun 15, 2017 at 11:45am PDT

This is not only a lovely display of pride, but an all-around cool shirt. You just know he’s wearing that sucker everywhere he can – and who can blame him?
Jaron’s going to need a few more t-shirts because talk of the Wonder Woman sequel is everywhere. Fortunately, both Gal and director Patty Jenkins are contractually obligated to film it. Although nothing has been written yet, Patty is talking about where she’d like to see Diana go in the film – literally. She wants to bring Diana to America. Apparently the second film will still be set it in the past but not as far back as the last one. Theories, right now, are possibly World War II, because Wonder Woman was created in 1941. (Side note: World War II = WWII. Wonder Woman sequel = WWII, which means I can’t be lazy and abbreviate if this happens *sigh*) The second theory is to set it in 1970s to honor Lynda Carter and the TV series. Gawd, please do the 70s if only for the fashion (and allowing me to abbreviate). We’d probably get more DC cameos if it was set in the 70s, too. Speaking of Patty, she admitted earlier this month that she initially didn’t want Gal as Wonder Woman. Of course, she goes on to say she was dead wrong and that Zack Snyder and crew, “did a better job than I could have because I don’t know that I would have scoured the earth as hard to find her.” She also said, “The fact that they found Gal and chose her is a magical gift to me.”
I’m fine saying she was a magical gift to all of us – and I think Jaron agrees.

10 years have gone by, yet it feels like yesterday we first met… My heart will forever beat to the sound of our love ❤ Gal Gadot Varsano
A post shared by JaronVarsano (@jaronvarsano) on Apr 14, 2016 at 3:25am PDT

Shana tova!!!
A post shared by JaronVarsano (@jaronvarsano) on Sep 24, 2014 at 5:57am PDT

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