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Gafni Threatens Over Corona

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) is not one who normally makes threats about pulling out of the coalition, and possibly bringing down the government, in order to get what he wants. Gafni flexes muscle and often gets what he wants, but he never threatens leaving the coalition. Litzman does that, but not Gafni.
This morning we find Gafni doing just that. Gafni is threatening to bring UTJ out of the government if this morning's emergency Corona Cabinet session will decide to shut down the shuls and yeshivot due to the spike in numbers, especially in the yeshivot.
I don't know if this unusual threat, unusual coming from Gafni, means he is very serious about it and should be taken seriously, or if he's never led UTJ out before and obviously won't now either and can easily be dismissed as just a threat.
Either way, with hundreds of cases coming out of the yeshivas and it seemingly being a big petri dish of CoronaVirus, I am not sure why he feels the need to insist they stay open, if it should be determined that it is a public health concern. Maybe he should find a different way for them to operate that will be safer. I am not even talking about doing something to keep the general public safer. I am talking about taking responsibility to keep his own electorate safer and to do something for them! The people spreading the virus back and forth among each other in the yeshivas will mostly keep it within the community and not spread it to the general public (not even close to 100% true, but generally speaking, especially with the yeshivas being basically locked down during these times with everyone staying in and nobody from outside coming in, it is true) - at leats be concerned about keeping the yeshivas safe!
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