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Future Opens Up About Marriage , Ciara And Much More

Posted on the 01 May 2014 by Thetrophylife @TheTrophyLife

Thursday, May 1, 2014


-On How Long Until She Agreed To Go Out With Him

Probably a week.

-On Love At First Sight

Love at first sight? It was most definitely a chemistry that I never felt before. It was great. From the beginning, we hit it off well.

-On How Long Until They Had Sex

Wow…Man it don’t never take me long with nothin’.

-A Couple Months ?

A couple months? It ain’t never took me a couple months for nothin’.

-A couple weeks?”

Uh, we gon’ just leave it at off the record [laughs].

-If He Could Choose Someone For A Threesome Who Would It Be


-On If It Bothers Him Hearing Her Ex’s Music

“Nah, because it’s in the past. You got to think about it. I got kids. So, anytime my kids running around the house, what if she felt like that about my kids? And they are in my life. Her past is no longer her future, I’m the future. So when she sees my kids, it’s always gonna be there, they’re a reflection of me and can always remind her of their mother. It’s just like, why she gon’ be like ‘Ugh,’ every time she sees my kids and be mad? It’s just something that you have to get over and move forward.”

-Why He Proposed To Cici And Not His Baby Mothers

“I felt like at the pace that I was moving and being in the music industry, she understood me. For me to be focused, somebody has to understand me. Understand my grind and understand my passion. We share the same passion, share the same love interest for this music. She understands when you’re not always there. Some people, when they grow with you, it’s just hard for them to give that up.”

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