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FURLA Candy Bags

By Kena @campchic

Oh c'mon on....YOU know you want one! Just look at these delicious, colorful, sweet, looking PVC (aka designer plastic) bags by FURLA. I generally don't fall for every single trend the fashion industry dangles before my eyes. However I just might have to snap one of these babies up. I HEART the yellow one! I can see myself carrying my FURLA candy bag, while wearing a floral dress, on my way to have an early dinner, with a gorgeous man I haven't met yet. This bag is going to make my all my dreams come true.....ok so maybe I'm exaggerating a tad bit. The hardest part will be choosing the color. I think it's the red one ...NO the blue....NO the orange....NO the yellow. Yep, it's definitely going to be the yellow one! Now all I have to do is pray that the bags are still around after Easter, as I've given up shopping for LENT season. Only 38 days left. 








Furla - $195.00

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By krizsh
posted on 16 August at 17:31
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Hi! Im a seller of bags here at the Philippines. I sell also furla candy bags. Right now, I have lots of orders of furla candy bags especially the fuchsia and red one, but all my source says its all sold out. Maybe you have know some sellers there selling furla candy bags for a cheaper price? I am willing to do business with you.

Hope you can attend to my queries. My-email address is [email protected].

Thank you for taking time on reading this.

Best Regards, Krizsh