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Funny Dogs You Must See

By Nithu Sinha @daily1pictures
All baby animals are cute and heart touching, it finishes our stress so amazingly. It's said that, a dog is the best friend of a man and we all know that our best friends are our personal source of fun and entertainment and they can be totally funny and weird(annoyingly so,in fact) with us. Same goes with the dogs, not only are they loyal and trustworthy but they can also be too damn funny.

Casino Royale
Funny Dogs You Must See

Christmas Dog!
And every dog in every home is angry just because of one very simple reason- You didn't let them eat the christmas tree. So mean, you humans!!!!

Hello, ladies!
Do you think only Ian Somerhalder can make you drool over a vampire character? No, not at all! Have a good look at this dog  who knows acting is no funny business and ask yourself can Ian get any close to the charming looks of this dog(particularly his not-too-big ears)?

Yeah, I couldn't stop it from getting explode!
The most intriguing fact about dogs is : Even if they have burned down the entire building to the ground, they can almost get through it by making the most innocent face,possible!! Can you make such a i-dont-know-how-it-happened face?

Ooohh!! Sensual!!
Well, that's the height of the act of persuasion tried by any dog on the Earth!! You cant stop laughing over this cute picture!

Please, no clicks!!
Meet the fashion goddess!!!! Funny that Your hair  has split ends, hair fall, dandruff problems!! Look at this dog!! Not a strand outta place!!

Weekend pleasure!!
A bowl full of popcorn, favorite flick on the TV, no one at home to bark at! :D This dog certainly knows how to enjoy the Home alone days!!

Can i have some more of this red wine please?

Funny Dogs You Must See

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