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Funky Find: Sandbox VR

By Chaayen

Part of my personal joy in setting up this space is sharing with you guys a thrill in town that taps upon cutting edge technology. Okay, what I am going to introduce you have been here for quite a while. By now, I can safely assure you the technology is quite developed and you will be able to fully enjoy the experience.

Intrigued by the introductory video? It is not made by me la. For all participants, Sandbox VR will collate your very own bragging video. And it is not just one, but two videos. After my game, I shamelessly spammed every group chat my videos. I had so much fun, I just had to broadcast this.

Funky Find: Sandbox VR

There are currently 5 games available at Sandbox VR. The Hub and I picked Amber Sky which is pretty much space warriors defending the Earth from Aliens. I screamed quite a bit in the game because I am that sort of people that get sucked in. The staff at Sandbox VR helped filmed us while we were playing. And I am embarrassed to say I just talked non-stop hence not all footage can be used. HAHAHA!

If you don't flying bugs and ugly aliens, there are 4 other game options to pick. Personally, despite all my yelling and over-engagement in the game, I think scary games are the BEST cos you just break free. And the things your friends would do to survive...unimaginable. Lol, for me, I just holler non-stop as if I could kill things with my voice. :P

Funky Find: Sandbox VR

Just to share a little more on the procedure. Everything happens in this green room. All we have to do is suit up and tie the motion sensors on our limbs and we are ready to go. If you are competitive, tie the sensors tightly cos mine got loose halfway and I had problems activating my shield. Hence, there were times I looked like I was swatting flies -_-"'

The gear is actually quite heavy. But once you are in the game, you forget about the load. Hehe. I had quite a good workout and broke out in a bit of sweat (nope, is not just cos of fear la). Do wear loose fitting clothes so that you won't feel overly restrictive. And don't worry if you wear specs, cos they provide lens for the game. *Thumbs up*

Funky Find: Sandbox VR

Be prepared...after the session, you may lose all your friends and maybe even lover. This was me boasting to the Hub that I am an experienced gamer before the game started. FYI, my accuracy was lesser than 40%. Hahaha. My Hub keep asking me what I was doing in the game. I was ermm...commenting on everything I saw...shooting at him for fun...and I shot the commander a few times cos he scared me. Oops.

I also sort of enjoy rotating my head round and round. So sometimes, things will seemingly appear from nowhere very suddenly. In retrospect, it is more of my extreme swerving and darting. Lol. Another good video below for your viewing and laughing pleasure. Enjoy. Kudos to the team for the hilarious edits. If you are keen, quote "ForFunk" and you will get to enjoy 15% off. The code is valid until 31 Oct 2019. So act fast!

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