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Funky Find: 10 Tips for Mensa

By Chaayen
I was thinking whether to write this post but I decided , you know what let's just go ahead because there is so little information on this online and we all want to know a little more about this topic. (I am definitely not writing this to sound like a smart ass bitch!)
The only other blogger I know who got into Mensa is XiaXue. Guess what, I am of her league now. (In terms of brain power not notoriety la!) Just in case any of you are interested to get tested, here's 10 tips that you may like to know. Nope I am not going guarantee you a place in it lest you come after me!
Funky Find: 10 Tips for Mensa
1. Do it when you are in school. You get 25% at a discount price of $45 (u.p $60)
2. Use a discount code. Yea, I did it for even less than $45 because I googled online for a discount code. So go Google!
3. I personally find the people who came for the test weird. Since I am there too, I guess I am not that normal too. But, I am doing it cos it was within my budget and I just wanted to prove someone we are more alike than he think we are not. LOL!
4. It gets harder in the middle. The test started off easy but halfway I was fretting and sweating. I even grew some respect for the members of this club. How on Earth did they even figure out the answer!
5. You are not allowed to draw or write anything. You just have to figure it out mentally. Yikes
6. It takes about 8 weeks before you get your results. Long right? So don't worry if you find yourself waiting...cos I waited and fretted too...
7. You can only take twice in a lifetime, so make every attempt count (I heard you can't really increase your IQ) But hey nobody is stopping you from tikam (making wild guesses!)
8. I think...maybe everyone gets in? I dono I mean from a commercial point of view, it makes sense to make everyone a member. Can earn more membership fees what!
9. Time is really tight at the end, so make sure you time yourself wisely. Skip it first if you can't solve it. You might solve it when you re-attempt it again! (I skipped some den I realised I was pretty much skipping all. LOL! It gets tougher at the end!)
10. There are surprisingly a lot more foreigners than Singaporeans.
Hope you found the tips useful. Will load a picture of my membership card once I get it. I really want the free gift that comes with it. Hehe. (Plus I get student discount too!) If you have any questions, I guess you could ask me. But honestly, I didn't really prepare for it cos I tot I wasn't getting it.
Getting in pretty much means you are the top 2% in the world. But that only makes you 2sd. Want to be an outlier, you need to be 3sd. So don't be too haolian if you got in too OK!

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