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Funk’s 12 Favourite Things on YouTube

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

Sometimes you need to take a step back from the internet and really appreciate what streaming video has done for us. We have access to material that we would never have imagined ten years ago. No matter how big or small the production or where it was made we can find it, enjoy it and share it with our friends. With more than 24 hours of new material being uploaded every minute it’s impossible to see it all, se we’ve compiled a couple of gems for you to enjoy here.

Also sometimes a really busy week so we just throw together some YouTube links and call it an article. Sure you may have seen them all before, but maybe not. Enjoy!

Horse Outside

Before Psy was becoming a worldwide phenomenon with a horse-related ode to class divisions the Irish Rubberbandits were doing just that. The plastic bagged (?) star of the video steals the bridesmaid from the bogans at a wedding because, instead of a car, he rides a horse. Really, it’s about the attitude. Look at 2:53 – that is attitude.

Billy Corgan and Nick Cave

I do love The Smashing Pumpkins. They formed the backbone of the mixtape (that’s playlist for the young’ns) of my youth. That said, frontman Billy Corgan is a right bloody wanker. If you’ve heard him being interviewed in recent years you’ll understand this. Even the massive success of his band doesn’t justify that ego.

I love Nick Cave even more. He’s reputedly a tough interviewee. Whilst Corgan acts aloof and petulant during meetings with the press Cave simply doesn’t tolerate fools, especially ones who come in with a scripted set of ‘safe’ questions. So when MTV sends in Corgan to basically re-ask the same questions Cave had answered the previous day he was having none of it.

Arya Stark and the Cinnamon Challenge

Those reading or watching Game of Thrones know that Arya Stark is shaping up to be quite the badass. But is she hardcore enough for the cinnamon challenge?

The Chaser Go to APEC

Here in Australia we don’t produce much in the way of quality, biting entertainment. Usually the networks are content with churning out local versions of reality shows. The Chasers are something different – they were smart, they were funny and everyone was fair game. Their show The Chaser’s War on Everything had a few notorious moments with the Prime Minister John Howard occasionally calling them out. When they came up with the notion of going up to the nations biggest and most expensive security lockdown dressed as Osama bin Laden they didn’t expect to get far. What actually happened made international headlines.

Ninja Cat

It’s a cat. Who is a ninja. It doesn’t move while you’re watching.

Walking Dead Fan Intro

This surfaced a few months before the series shuffled onto our screens and…damn, it’s better than what they ended up using. When we saw what they were using on the show it was disappointing.

This is Perth

When people talk about great Australian cities they talk about Sydney and Melbourne, or the Gold Coast. What they don’t consider is Perth, and why would they? Ten years ago we were voted the most boring city in the world to visit, earning us the moniker of ‘Dullsville’. Whilst many residents get uptight about this one film-maker saw the humor. Yes, the shops close at 5, and even that cool ferris wheel has since been dismantled.

John Oliver Investigates Gun Control

For reasons beyond my comprehension some people still argue that there’s merit in putting items made for the sole purpose of killing in family homes. The Daily Show’s John Oliver provides a prime example of a nation similar to America who has made gun control work.

John Safran vs God

Louis Theroux is the modern day king of documentary, and he was going to have a spot on this list but we opted to shine a light on someone a bit less known. Australian radio and television host and general trouble maker John Safran created this fantastic series where he traveled the world to test out every religion he could find. It’s very, very funny but what makes it a must-see is the genuine attempt Safran made to involve himself in the faith. He’s a cheeky sod but you can tell that he is hoping he might find real faith. Watch him get shot at, get thrashed by Japanese Buddhists and the mind-blowing exorcism that occurs in the finale.

He-Man’s Fabulous Secret Powers

Re-dubbing old cartoons is nothing new, but this one is funnier than it has any right to be.

Bane Plays Slender

This is a seriously good impression of Tom Hardy’s Bane voice. The comedic timing is simply perfect.

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