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Fundraiser News: the Numbers for June and July

Posted on the 25 July 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Fundraiser news: the numbers for June and July


In June and July The Vault and held auctions for 4 different charitable causes and raised over $4400. Thank you all for your generosity!


For Stephen Moyer’s Facing The Atlantic:

The Venice Magazines signed by Anna and Stephen sold for $700 to Anne who also bought the Vive le Rock t-shirt personalized signed by Stephen for $610 a couple of weeks later.

The Bullett Magazine and Bullett shoot photo signed by Stephen went for $700 to Jennifer.

The raffle of a FHM Magazine signed by Stephen raised  $382 and was won by Kristin.


Kristin Bauer auctioned off a Skype call for $255 for IFAW and the winner Danielle got her money’s worth because they spoke for an hour.


For the CRF we auctioned a potrait of Deborah Ann Woll signed personalized and a SFX Magazine signed by Deborah, Anna and Stephen. The combo sold to Erik for $760. He also received the original photos of Deborah posing with the items.


And a very special auction that ended last night for the Jesse Cartwright Trust Fund. The True Blood Season 2 pack signed by various cast members was sold for $1017 to Cecile.

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