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Fun with Kelp

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

While kayaking off of Vancouver Island in Canada, as part of our honeymoon, I noticed there was no shortage of kelp.  Kelp forests can be found in chilly waters with temperatures between 6-14 C, so I admired it from the surface.  This fast growing plant, which grows up to a 1/2 meter a day has all sorts of uses and is well known for it’s high nutritional value. Besides learning that kelp is tough to paddle through, I also learned a fun use for kelp on our kayaking trip….

fun with help

J.P. playing the kelp - more successfully than I did, but equally entertaining.

What it’s not well known for, but perhaps it should be, is that kelp is actually a musical instrument.  Pucker your lips like you’re playing a trumpet and sure enough a trumpet like sound emits from the other end.  Don’t like the sound?  Cut a shorter piece of kelp for a different sound, or cut holes in the top of it and put your fingers over different holes as you blow.  Nothing short of pure entertainment!  Our kayaking guide said that some groups even put together a whole kelp symphony, with everyone blowing on a different piece of kelp at the same time and trying to play a song.  Our group wasn’t that musical and while my kelp playing skills leave a lot to be desired, I had fun trying.

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