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Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire

By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

Fun Speech Photographs

We absolutely love taking really fun wedding photography in Yorkshire. Belly laughs and huge expressions are our bread and butter and as we specialize in fun, relaxed wedding photography we know that the speeches are a great place to look for these moments!

Often, the speeches kick off the super enjoyable part of the wedding day – any nerves from the ceremony are left well behind, everyone’s had a little bit to drink and the rest of the day is just about celebrating, letting your hair down and really enjoying every moment. I love how huge the expressions are at Jennie and Duncan’s wedding in photograph 1 – you know you’ve had fun when you look back at your wedding photos and they look like this!

Nowadays, the traditional is increasingly on its way out and often couples customize the speeches. The order of the speeches, at what point in the meal (or if they even happen during the meal), inside, outside, on a stage – everything can be played with. We love this trend as it makes the speeches really personal again – as well as providing us with a lot of hilarity to photograph! Everyone loves a good surprise so why stick to the boring, old format when with a little thinking outside the box you can have great moments like these?

Recently, we’ve had some amazingly fun dad speeches – quite a few of which have included an absolute roasting of the bride. Nobody expects dad to do much more than welcome everyone to the wedding – which, of course just makes it funnier when dad defies all expectation and delivers a speech worthy of the best of best men! Why not have a little fun at your daughter’s expense? A funny dads speech delivered with love and affection is one that everybody will remember for a long time! Our hat’s go off to Elaine’s dad in photograph 3 who delivered one of our favorite dad’s speeches this year – you sir, you owned that stage!

Likewise, why not shake things up a little with the groom speech? You can thank everyone for their involvement but still find a little time to have some fun with your best men. Some of our favorite fun wedding photography happened during Rebekah & Scott’s wedding earlier this year. Scott laid down a challenge for his groomsmen to eat some super hot chilies during his speech. Of course, they couldn’t refuse – it was his wedding after all. Photograph 8 of the guys struggling to eat their way through the chilies is one of our favorite fun speech moments of the year! And, if the guys ever want their revenge – well, they’re just going to have to make Scott their best man!

We love how fun these speech moments are and we can’t wait to see what our couples come up with next!

Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire groom laughs during speeches
Bride laughs during speeches Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire
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Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire
Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire guest laughs and smiles during speeches
Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire brides mom laughs a big laugh during speeches
Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire Bride laughs as groom gives speech
Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire bride laughs so hard she cries during speechs
Fun Wedding Photography in Yorkshire groomsmen do cinnamon challenge
Bride & groom smile and watch during speeches

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