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Fun Online Polls: The Next US President & Sunday Trading Hours

Posted on the 09 March 2016 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

The results to last week-and-a-half's Fun Online Poll were as follows:
Who do you think will win the US presidential election in 2016?
Donald Trump (R) - 57%
Hillary Clinton (D) - 40%
Other, please specify - 3%

We'll see… Best comment:
TheViewFromMountRushmore: Other. The money men will win just like they've won every other US election.
A good turnout of 107 voters, thank you everybody who took part.
Unbeknownst to me, the government wanted to grant local councils the power to allow larger stores (that's the modern word for 'shops' despite being a complete misnomer - a store is what's in the warehouse FFS) to open longer than six hours (the current limit in England), but the government motion was defeated today.
Relaxing Sunday trading laws was of course one of John Major's many fine achievements. I remember peering out of my the front window of my flat to see if the Woolworth's up the road was really open on the first Sunday (it was, which cheered me up).
So that's this week's Fun Online Poll: is six hours 'about right', too long or not long enough?
Vote here or use the widget in the sidebar.
(Ever the small 'c' conservative, I'm happy with the status quo of six hours. It's great for shopping, but shop workers need time with their families too and if I get dragged off shopping on a Sunday, I'd like to be home by six.
More bizarrely, the people who oppose this are a mix of hard-left Trade Unionists, hard-right Christians and the self-promoting SNP, who allow larger shops to open for ten hours on Sundays. Go figure.)

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