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Fun Online Polls: Pies and Syria

Posted on the 25 November 2015 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

I have been a bit out of action the last few days, so slightly belatedly: the results to last week's Fun Online Poll:
Does a pie need pastry on the top and bottom to qualify as a pie?
Yes, both 76%
No, a pastry lid is sufficient 24%

Good, we are three-quarters of the way to common sense. The correct answer is bottom and sides are most important. The upper crust, as per usual, is pretty superfluous.
Full write up over at Pub Curmudgeon's.
Yes, we know that The Guardian have been saying that global warming caused the civil war in Syria for ages, but what's a bit worrying is that somebody who would like to be an unelected head of state is parroting this bullshit (while whizzing round in a private helicopter and living in several fully-staffed castles).
From the first article which is still rational, yes, if does appear likely that the drought in Syria was one of the indirect causes of civil unrest, as starving farmers moved to towns where people are more likely to start revolutions, that's happened quite often in history. But you can just extend this simple connection several steps in both directions.
So this is probably true:
Drought -> civil unrest
But you can't just keep extrapolating and end up with this:
Driving a car -> CO2 emissions -> global warming -> either floods or droughts, depending on what suits your argument -> civil unrest -> violent Islamists (which we've had for four decades) -> terrorism.
So is he right? Or is it more likely The Killer Cornflake Conspiracy?
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