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Fun Online Polls: Improving Standards in Education & Brexit Delays

Posted on the 15 August 2016 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:
What should we do to improve standards in secondary education and increase social mobility? (choose all that apply)
Have more selective state grammar schools - 50 votes
Have streaming and setting in state schools - 41 votes
Offer 'education vouchers' so that more can afford private education - 39 votes
Ban or restrict private education - 6 votes
Other, please specify - 4 votes

I would say that is conclusive enough, job done.
Interesting comment:
LJH: "Reactionary expectation that teachers keep orderly classrooms; that literacy and numeracy are more important than selfesteem; that there is a core cannon of facts* a person must learn before voyages of self discovery; sacking and forfeiture of pension rights for teachers in public employment who fail to conform to the above; close all education faculties at the polys- learn on the job."
* Agreed, like being taught the difference between "canon" and "cannon".
As usual, The Daily Mash says what people really think…
"EVERYONE has agreed to quietly sweep the referendum result under the carpet, it has been confirmed. Britain has confirmed plans to keep its head down and start talking about football or the Olympics whenever anyone mentions Article 50.
A government spokesman said: “The ‘Leave’ thing has become like a workmate’s barbecue where many people agree enthusiastically to attend, then bail on the day after realising they’d rather go to Homebase. Let’s just ignore it and move on – Boris is cool with that, he never gave a shit really and Farage was only doing it to get himself a TV agent and crack the jungle reality show circuit.”

A few days later, The Times repeated this without the satire…
Theresa May has been expected to enact article 50 in January, setting in train the formal two years of negotiations before Brexit. Despite great political pressure to stick to that timetable, she may be forced to delay because her new Brexit and international trade departments will not be ready, City sources said.
So that's this week's Fun Online Poll:
"When do you think the UK government will trigger Article 50, if ever?"
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