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Fun Of Having A Diy Pool Slide

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Diy pool slide - Add a slide to your pool on ground or floor is a way to add to fun of having a pool. Safety of all slides in commercial and public pools is regulated at both federal and state levels. Safety standards slide pool was enacted in 1976 by US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). Safety standards slide pool should be taken seriously, even not use in water that is too little.

Fun Of Having A Diy Pool Slide

Minimum water depth diy pool slide below vary height of slide down to pool users travel. An online survey of various commercial status slide rules and public pool water shows a minimum water depth is 3½ feet. Depths of private or residential minimum water on ground pool slides are given by manufacturer of each slide; however, it is common 3 to 3.5 feet deep. Regardless of recommendation of minimum depth pool, slides head are discouraged by all manufacturers of slide.

There are several manufacturers of diy pool slide on ground, and recommendations of minimum water depth vary by model individual and slide. A manufacturer of a slide above-ground pool requires at least 40 inches deep under its various water slides. A look online at maximum permitted weights more slides on residential swimming pool floor reveals a weight restriction of 200 pounds average user. There are above-ground pools slides rated for heavier users, but are more expensive.

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