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By Probestpest @ProBestPest


What I think of as Fumigation isn’t what the regular guy thinks, for me when you tent a house that’s fumigation. Or when you take a freight train tanker and fumigate the cargo = fumigation. Not when you use a bug bomb or aerosol container. But while we are on that topic – before you use any pest control device (Always read and understand the Label and Use Directions). Read what is says about space treated, usually in cubic feet. LxWxH = length x width x height.

Remember this aerosol goes up and spreads – if there are obstacles it will not (again will not) penetrate those areas. I think more harm can be done by using these devices, pressuring the critter deeper into cracks and crevices. Yes, this will ultimately make the work tougher on the Pest Control Professional.

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