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Full-color Companion Book to MIKHA’EL Released

By Apostolate Of The Divine Heart @DivineHeartGod
Full-color companion book to MIKHA’EL released

MIKHA’EL – The Documentary is the companion book to the first historically-accurate and award-winning feature documentary about the Archangel Michael in the annals of cinema. An Avinu Films production featuring a large ensemble cast with multiple story lines, this book includes fascinating introductions to the film by the director and the producers, the script and its bibliography, color photographs from the documentary, the full credits list, and more. Mikha’El (2021), which has now been released worldwide, provides an intimate look at the archangel’s jaw-dropping exploits around the world, in particular as Taxiarchis Panormitis, the Angel of Mount Zion, and the Archangel of Monte Gargano. In the film, one also finds an in-depth exploration of the unusual discovery of the centuries-old Panormitis icon by a hearing-impaired Greek Jew, in addition to Mikha’El’s vital, but often unrecognized, role in the salvation history of humankind. Languages used in the documentary were English, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, and Latin. Consecration prayers to the great archangel are hereby included in English, Italian, and Maltese. Mikha’El was shot on location in France, Greece, Italy, Jerusalem, Malta, Poland, Ukraine, and the USA. The book is available in full-color paperback and ebook editions through Amazon.

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