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Fugly Friday: Pink Fairy Armadillo

By Petslady @petslady

If I didn't know that this was an armadillo, I don't think I would have gone there first. This furry critter looks like some taxidermist got drunk and made a terrible mistake.

Pink Fairy Armadillo (Public Domain Image)
Pink Fairy Armadillo (Public Domain Image)

The pink fairy armadillo is only about 3½ to 4½ inches long and is a pale rose or pink in color. In its native Argentina, it lives mostly off of ants, though other insects, worms, snails, and larvae may be found on the menu from time to time. It burrows near anthills to stay near a quick snack and spends much of its time underground. They are also called "sand swimmers."


Using its powerful claws it is able to almost swim through the ground. This fugly little guy is protected in his home country. 

Source: Wikipedia

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