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Fruit Fashion Files: Mom's Birthday

By Shangi @lifefruitbasket
Hello troopies! I'm heading out to meet the rest of the family and eat out at a local Chinese restaurant for my Mother Dearest's birthday dinner. Unfortunately I am feeling a little lackluster today, it must have something to do with the crazy heat that we're experiencing here in Southern California. I don't know what's up with the weather but I know it's been the opposite of how it was in the first five years that I've lived here. I could have sworn that I was itching to buy new sweaters a few days ago and now I'm back to hiding in my cave a.k.a. my apartment since the heat tends to suck the life out of me.
So yes, we're supposedly in the middle of Fall but somehow I found myself picking a halter-top jumpsuit and a pair of beige espadrilles. I honestly don't know how everyone else back in the Philippines can take wearing leather jackets and fall/winter ensembles while being in a tropical area with an extremely humid climate...hmmm...or maybe that's how they lose weight fast, like a walking sauna?
Jumpsuit- Promod (I bought it from this trendy shop in the Philippines);
Belt- Dolce & Gabbana;
Shoes - Steve Madden (great deal!);
Bag- LV Empreinte Artsy (my everyday purse because it matches everything)
Fruit Fashion Files: Mom's Birthday
Fruit Fashion Files: Mom's Birthday
Fruit Fashion Files: Mom's Birthday
Thanks to my little sister, Kiwi who tried to take decent pics...we are such amateurs but hey, we tried! =)
Toodles! =)

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