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FRUGAL TIP: Two Hacks For Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Peeling Hard Boiled Egg, by Happyrich358 on Pixabay
-- Adding baking soda to the water when you are hard boiling eggs - the shell will come right off!
Simply add one teaspoon of baking soda to the cooking water to increase the alkalinity - it will make the eggshell easier to peel.
NOTE: The only downside is this can make the eggs taste more sulfuric.
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Image: Egg in a Glass, by V. Viktor on MaxPixelDid you know...
-- A quick shake in a partially water-filled glass can peel your hard-boiled eggs cleanly in a matter of seconds.
Shake it over the sink, for spills.
Then just reach inside the glass and pinch the egg's shell right off!
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