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Frugal Tip: Ice Pack Sponge

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
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Keep some small wet sponges in a ZipLoc bag in your freezer - and you will always have a great ice pack that won't drip all over the place as it thaws!
If you use a reusable sandwich/snack bag, that includes a cloth cover, you won't even need to wrap it with a towel!
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From our Facebook fan page:
Tanya Gray Brooks posted: anything that thaws will drip.. the bag is going to be cold.. sure the melted water from the sponge won't drip.. but the condensation from the bag will.. I think it is safe to say almost any ice pack will drip to some extent.. still a great idea though! We always wrap a paper towel around our anyways.. so I think it's a great idea.. even if it drips !!
Gwen Mahar posted: You cant apply ice packs directly to the skin anyway, you need a towel, but good idea. We have a boo boo bear, ice pack in a little bear so no other barrier needed and for little kids it cheers them up.
Lilly Kumar posted: I wet a facecloth and freeze it in a zip lock sandwich bag, then it is bendable to wrap, if you can't put it on your skin, put it in a old unmatched sock.
Karen Maddy Kable posted: I keep a gel ice-pack inside one of those soft fuzzy socks and keep it in the freezer. Keeps a cover on my ice-pack that doesn't come off when I'm using it.
Darrell Russell posted: The truth is, the plastic WILL sweat and drip upon it being subjected to the warmer outer temperature. Anything frozen or cold inside plastic baggies will be subject to sweat and drip and pool when removed from the freezer...perhaps not as BAD as the sponge without a bag, but it will.
Sheryl Zerbe Manrodt posted: I have been doing this for years at the child care where I work!
Mike Yacusiw posted: If you put ice cubes in a zip lock it will work the same way
Dave Moff posted: On the other side of the coin -- fill a microwaveable package with rice, and you'll have a virtually instant hot pack for next to nothing. Just toss it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you're all set.

Image: 3m O-Cel-O? Handy Sponge 7274-T - Ideal for washing dishes and wiping counter topsImage: Munchkin 3 Pack Snack Bags, Green/Black/Purple - Reusable and durable - replaces plastic bags
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• 3m O-Cel-O Handy Sponge
Ziploc Sandwich Bags
• Munchkin Snack Bags
Kids Konserve Squiggle Sweat-Free Ice Pack

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