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From the Horses Mouth - Ollie on Medamaki

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Ripplemusic
This wasn't written as an actual review, but when I read it, I thought it was so cool I'd share it with all you waveriders.
In case you were ever curious how bands talk about each other, and support each other. Here's a glimpse.  Ollie from UK rockers Grifter wrote us to share a band, Medamaki.  He wanted to stoke our fires, maybe help the boys out a bit.  His letter was classic band digging another band, and works as a great review and introduction for ya.
I have to tell you about this incredible band. They're friends of ours and they're called Medamaki. They come from Evesham which is about an hour south of Birmingham. They've been going quite some time, we first played with them in 2006 and they kicked our asses into the next week!! They've had some bad luck...they signed to Fury 76 who put out our first EP and released an EP called Warbird at the same time as ours. The label though was useless and the EP kind of disappeared. Since then they've had trouble keeping momentum...starting families, then children being ill...etc...but they're firing up the machine again to get out and get on the circuit once more. I have their EP and it's an incredible collection of 4 tracks. Unfortunately the production did suffer as they were being rushed by the label, which as it turns out was a waste as the releases was delayed anyway. The songs though are amazing...kind of like a more metallic Clutch or a more bluesy Down, either way you want to look at it. I haven't heard any more recent recorded stuff but I've heard newer songs live and they absolutely kill!!! From what I can gather from the guys though they have been working towards getting a full album ready and recorded.
They're also a great live band. Max is a great frontman with a huge voice. I can honestly say they are one of the very few bands over here we really get a kick out of playing with as they kick our asses and make us up our game every time. So many of the UK bands that people rave about over here can't even hold a candle to them to be honest.
Anyway, I've ranted enough, here are some links but bear in mind this will all be older stuff


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