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From the Archives: 5 Great My House Examples

By Dwell @dwell
Since the very beginning of Dwell's inception, in 2000, we've had a department called My House. This is a recurring story type that's often told from the resident's perspective, in the first person, presented in such a way that any reader can integrate ideas, materials, and techniques into their own homes. My House is always a narrative of a design lover who learned valuable lessons along the way of building their dream home. Here we present five of our favorites from the archives. Slideshow Photo

A Recent Grad's First Home in Austin

The first year out of college is a wildcard for most people. Whether spent bumming around Europe with a backpack or slogging through a suffocating desk job, it’s often a year with little bearing on life’s next chapter. But Blake Dollahite—and his father—saw an opportunity in this transitional time to build a foundation for his future. With a small bank loan and a lot of helping hands, Dollahite dove into his first year of freedom by shackling himself to a rundown Austin bungalow and preparing to make it home.

Photo by: Misty Keasler

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