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from RBS to Jenin

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
A delegation of Neturei Karta went to the Palestinian town of Jenin today in a solidarity march, showing solidarity with the residents for supposedly suffering daily Israeli attacks.. ie showing solidarity with terrorists who are searched for by the IDF. 
When I heard a delegation went I assumed the normal 15 or 20 people, give or take, maybe even five or ten. All the pictures I have seen only show two, so I am happy that it is an unimpressive showing by Neturei Karta and maybe their numbers are dwindling.
After the new published the following picture of the delegation, local Bet Shemesh residents called/wrote in to say that the fellow on the right is a fellow resident of Bet Shemesh, residing in RBS B.
from RBS to Jenin
Just as they say not all superheroes wear capes, it seems not all Neturei Karta wear samets and kaftans. Why isn't Minister Ben Gvir evicting the likes of these people?
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