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By Richardl @richardlittleda

No substitute

Last weekend I spent a very pleasant Saturday morning with a group of people keen to be involved in different ways with leading worship and preaching. As I always would with preachers, I urge them to perfect the art of reading the Bible, reading themselves and reading the congregation. When it comes to the latter, there are all sorts of tools and devices at their disposal. However, the most powerful source of feedback, more powerful than any survey or questionnaire, remains conversation.  There is simply no substitute for looking another person in the eyes and talking to them.

Ever since I read Gulwali Pasarlay’s book, I have been enthusiastically advocating it to anyone who will listen. This story removes the refugee crisis from the realm of statistics and frames it within the experience of one young boy. One day I sincerely hope I can look Gulwali in the eyes and thank him for such a work of courage, honesty and warmth. In the meantime, I am indebted to Amnesty International Poland and the DBBTribal ad agency for the powerful film below.  It needs no further explanation from me, except to give you this warning: reach for the tissues before you watch it.

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