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From D.C To Boston . . .

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

Let's get back to the USA! It's been almost seven months since I have been back from America, even though I've been busy traveling around Europe I have missed state hopping along America's Northeast coast. So, I cast my mind back to the exciting and vibrant places that I traveled to during my placement, but if I could turn the clock back would I have done anything differently? Not entirely but I would have executed the self guided trip I'm about to piece together with my past travel experiences. From D.C to Boston, with some interesting stops in the middle! Let's go! 

From D.C To Boston . . .Touch down in Washington D.C to begin the ultimate Northeast coast experience! Drop your bags and get out to the White House, the Obamarama vibe is waiting for you! Washington D.C is the presidential city for sure, get to grips with the National Mall to see the Lincoln Memorial, be a part of American history. Follow the Potomac River, find yourself in Georgetown to be transported back to the colonial days. Look out for the Capitol Building at the far end of the National Mall where its the best place to take some time to take in the charms that Washington D.C. possesses. Washington D.C has to be one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited and I've been to a fair few in my time! 

Time waits for no one, so keep seeking that adventure! The Pentagon is only a few stops away on the Metro system, visit another state without realising because the Pentagon is located in Virginia! Make the most of Washington D.C. for its a city that you won't stumble upon again, there's nothing quite like it anywhere else in the country! Pack up, for its time to board the Baltimore bound train! 

From D.C To Boston . . .Take the Amtrak train from Washington's Union Station to Baltimore Penn Station for a day in Maryland's provincial city! Say "Good Morning Baltimore!" as you step off your Amtrak service, this city is waiting for you! Check out Eastern Avenue for true Baltimore realness! Keep your eyes peeled at all time for Baltimore is a very interesting place that has many quirks that mirror an inner city area in England! Spend some time at the Inner Harbor to see the magnificent U.S.S Constellation, she's a beauty! Baltimore keeps it real, there's no false pretences about this city, because what you see here is what you get! Ok! Make your way back to Baltimore's Penn Station for the short train journey to Philadelphia 30th St Station. 

Get to grips with Philadelphia's Old City first to relive that small British town feeling, its a very quaint area! Step back in time at the Liberty Bell Center and admire the surrounding gardens, this city has so much history its just bursting at the seams! If you're looking for the same grit that Baltimore possesses then you've come to the right place, Philly's Center City and Market St brings things back to the street! I loved this part of town because I just felt like I was in a normal America city, away from the any pretence or false attitudes. Admire Washington Square, its an international avenue with flags from the four corners of the globe. Captured above is a the LOVE sign that over looks the flags leading to Washington Square. Don't you just love Philadelphia?! Pack those bags, its time to keep on seeking that adventure! Use Bolt-Bus coaches to get to New York City, catch a nap on the way because NYC is electric! 

From D.C To Boston . . .Welcome to the Empire State of New York! View everything from a greater height at the top of the Empire State Building, forget any fear of heights because the view is more than breathtaking! Claim your freedom by visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, live the American dream for yourself! Has NYC satisfied you yet? So, as darkness falls return to Times Square to admire the lights that strobe into the nights sky! Times Square brings it big, this part of New York City has to be visited otherwise there's just no point visiting here! Pio Pio Peruvian restaurant in Hell's Kitchen is a must for a rustic and delicious meal. New York City is a place that doesn't sleep, so I don't expect you to! Let the streets be your runway in NYC! Werk!

All this traveling can get tiring so get to the Jersey Shore! NJ Transit makes things easy, take the train via Newark Penn Station to Point Pleasant for a great day at the beach to recharge your batteries. There's even a Tiki Bar at this New Jersey beach so things are going to get very crazy! The Big Apple and its little sister will change your life, there's no other place quite like it! Keep moving, Boston is calling! Don't miss that Bolt Bus to Boston, MA. 

From D.C To Boston . . .Boston! This endearing city will capture your heart with its European similarities and temperamental New England climate. Take a stroll through Boston Common, get a view of the parkview townhouses that could easily fit in within the Chelsea streets of London town! Discover the Freedom Trail to witness the sights that have made Boston the city it is today. Captured to the left is Fanueil Hall, a building that holds close to Boston's vast history. Be a student for the afternoon by visit the university town of Harvard to be a part of the nuvo-student vibe! I really wanted to transfer uni's to Harvard University for the grounds of the library are exactly how it's depicted in the movies!

The spirit of Boston is waiting, if I had the chance to go back to this city I would go for it! But its not about me! If witches are your thing, take the train from Boston North Station to Salem. This Halloween infused town has a story to tell, following the witches path to uncover the secrets of the witch trails of the 1600's! D.C, Baltimore and the rest are more than amazing places to visit, so by this time I guess you've packed your bags for the final time and boarded that jet plane back to England. So, I guess its wrap for this Northeast coast extravaganza! The key to any successful trip is to follow your plan, keep within your means and have a great time! 

If I ever have the chance to go back to the USA I really want to tour the West Coast because I want to experience San Francisco! 

Joseph Harrison 

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