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From Broken Pieces to Puzzle to Being Whole

By Superinspire @nenadciric

‘Life: The Great Challenge’ was officially recognised as the world’s largest puzzle by the Guinness Book of Records.

A lot of people feel at times like they are not enough, that everything they are or do will never satisfy some incredibly high standards we impose on ourselves. This feeling of not being good enough often creates a picture of a broken person, who struggles to put all pieces together. The truth is that nobody is really broken, we are simply made of different elements of our spiritual, intellectual and physical characteristics that tend to unite and form a beautiful painting, juts like a jigsaw puzzle.

If you look at the box you can see how the final result will look like, just like all of us deep inside know what kind of life we are meant to have. Then when you open the box all you have are pieces to put together, no instructions or shortcuts. Each piece must be perfectly placed next to the previous element, just like each life experience must be a natural stream of lessons and improvement. The good news is that just like playing puzzle games, you don’t have to always do everything on your own. Often life brings us kind and valuable helpers who willingly contribute to the creation of a beautiful and complete picture.

As life is an unpredictable journey, along the way a piece of your puzzle can get lost no where to be found. Those are the moments when you feel frustrated because of the unbalance provoked by just one tiny unpleasant circumstance. And immediately the feeling of not being complete resurfaces.

But did you know that most puzzle manufacturers offer to send you any missing piece so that you can yet again complete your work. All you need is to realize what specific piece you have lost and contact the company. The same can be asked of life. There’s nothing life wants us to be more than simply whole.


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