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From an Alakatra to an Astro Tuff…..

Posted on the 19 March 2013 by Himalayanreview @lovesikkim

From an alakatra to an astro tuff…..
Winning and losing has always been a two side of a same coin but above all it is the participation in an event that makes the real difference. Daalapchand SS does not have its own school ground and despite the fact that the students of this school try their best practicing football at helipad nearby. You did hear it right at a helipad that is used for landing of helicopters most frequently during the Lampokhari festival. The Dalapchand boys love playing football and we can see them making busy at the early hours of the morning and at the late noon after schools. Interestingly the chief coach of our team is a driver by profession who also is President of a Sports Club by interest. The on-going Coco Cola Cup played at Paljor Stadium, Gangtok was first of its experience for our boys to play the big game and I am sure they came all the way to Gangtok just to enjoy the game. The boys were happy to have set foot on Paljor Stadium, the Mecca for all football lovers of our Hills. Our boys lost the match with three goals to one but have earned themselves a lifetime experience. An experience they would share with their close ones for a long long time. Yuvraj Rai, our main striker went on to score the lone goal for our team and he must be the happiest after all how many of us are there who had played at Paljor Staduim and scored a goal. Truly, his goal was a magic to watch and more magical for the team that practices on a helipad made of….. alakatra (altar).

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