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From a Guy's Perspective: 10 Automatic Deal Breakers

By Shanlakes
From a guy's perspective: 10 automatic deal breakers
Luckily I had one of my guy friends to help me with this post. Understandably, he wanted to remain anonymous. 
1. Unpolished/unkempt nails and toes
2. Never offering to pay (they probably won't let you most of the time, but it's nice to at least offer. For every 5 dinners a guy pays for, you can pick up a quick lunch, breakfast, coffee, etc.) 
3. Grooming: No stubble on the legs, arm pits, elsewhere... 
4. A girl who talks shit about other girls: Haven't you learned anything from watching the Bachelor? (It's a joke. kind of) But seriously, putting another girl down is not the way to get him to fall in love with you. All it does is show him how insecure and crazy you really are. The girls who are truly confident and worthwhile don't feel the need to put other people down to make themselves feel better. Boom.
5. Three Words: Too much makeup.
6. Not being well rounded: Guys don't care how book smart you are. If you don't know what's going on with North Korea, who won the World Series, or why it's a big deal who got the "green jacket" chances are his time with you will be limited.
7. Being babied by your parents 
8. Being too needy: Let your guy go on guys vacations, guys nights out, guys anything... time with the boys is always a necessity to contribute to a happy and healthy relationship. No guilt should ever be put on him for activities like this. Save it for when we really need to drop the gloves. 
9. Always smell good: Wash your hair with a strong smelling shampoo that lasts all day, have a scent/perfume that is your signature, keep gum with you at all know, pretty basic hygiene skills.
10. Having no life outside of your significant other: You need passions outside of him (or her for that matter) to keep your relationship healthy, and your mind sane. You need friends to hang out with, hobbies enjoy doing, family to spend time with, etc. 
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